Overviews of the Nursing Workforce in California

Overviews of the Nursing Workforce in California.  See links below!

Fact sheets on RNs from the OSHPD Clearinghouse

Nursing  Demand and Supply Dashboard
This  interactive website allows users to examine data on nursing demand and supply  in California’s acute care hospitals, statewide, and by region.

California’s  Health Care Workforce: Readiness for the ACA Era (2011)
This  report provides a comprehensive overview of all health professions with  extensive data tables.  Prepared by UCSF.

California  Nurses: Facts and Figures (2010)
This  report provides data on RN supply, employment, age distribution,  race/ethnicity, enrollments, hospital staffing levels, and other items.  Some LVN data are provided as well.  Created by UCSF.

California’s  Nursing Labor Force: Demand, Supply, and Shortages (2004)
This publication was developed during the California Nurse Workforce Initiative by