What is the California Institute for Nursing & Health Care?

The California Institute for Nursing & Health Care (CINHC) is a non-profit organization that seeks to transform the capacity of nurses to meet the evolving health needs of Californians by partnering with nurse leaders, educators, providers, payers, policy leaders, consumers and foundations.

CINHC is a catalyst for positive change within the nursing profession, and within the broader healthcare environment and communities served by nursing. As a 501(c)(3) organization, CINHC  receives funds and grants from other organizations and foundations to support statewide nursing projects.

Why was CINHC formed and who established it?

A group of nurse leaders from across the state founded CINHC. They represent varied interests, but share a common concern over the lack of comprehensive, strategic planning to solve the nurse shortage and its potential to generate a health care crisis.

CINHC is focused on improving the healthcare of Californians by strengthening nursing’s contributions, and also working to decrease ethnic disparities in access to care.

How does CINHC differ from other efforts underway to address the nurse shortage?

There are several projects currently underway to address various aspects of the nurse shortage. These efforts primarily focus on short-term solutions or are designed to meet the needs of a single organization or targeted group; they fall short of providing sustaining, comprehensive solutions to the shortage. CINHC is developing a comprehensive statewide master plan for the nursing workforce and is building a coalition of stakeholders to implement the plan. The master plan will link projects underway, facilitate turning these short-term interventions into sustaining solutions; identify and replicate best practices; identify needs not being met and develop interventions to meet them; and ensure that steps are taken to balance nursing supply and demand.

Who is involved in CINHC?

Nurses and many other stakeholders concerned about the future of nursing are involved. The endorsing organizations include nursing and healthcare associations, educators, licensing boards, healthcare providers, and labor.

How does CINHC work?

A Board of Directors governs CINHC. To ensure that CINHC focuses on the contribution that nurses make to the health of Californians, the Board will have a strong consumer presence. An Advisory Council, made up representatives from nursing and health care associations, state agencies, stakeholders and partners, will help identify issues, provides guidance and direction for program work and serves as CINHC champions.

What does CINHC do?

CINHC  sponsors research, projects, and initiatives that address California’s nursing workforce issues. CINHC has built a coalition of stakeholders to become a catalyst for action by establishing partnerships to cosponsor statewide programs and initiatives. Current program areas include:

  • Developing a comprehensive strategic nursing master plan.
  • Expanding nursing education capacity and diversity.
  • Improve retention of nursing students and promote retention of nurses in the workplace.
  • Prepare nurse managers for their leadership roles.

What will the Institute do for the people of California?

CINHC will help ensure that the residents of California receive needed healthcare that would be compromised if there continues to be an inadequate response to the nurse shortage.

What will the Institute do for nursing?

CINHC will provide a non-partisan forum and a unified voice to address nursing issues and develop solutions. Initiatives sponsored by CINHC will enhance the image of nursing as a career choice and promote the professional practice of nursing.

What will the Institute do for an individual nurse?

Nurses caring for patients are experiencing the brunt of the nurse shortage as they work ever harder to provide safe and quality care. As CINHC addresses the shortage, individual nurses will experience the benefits as the nursing supply becomes more closely aligned with demand.

Where is the Institute now?

CINHC is incorporated and has received tax-exemption status. The framework of the organization has been established and support for its mission has been validated through the growing number of endorsing organizations, which include the state’s leading nursing and healthcare associations. Initial program areas have been identified and several initiatives are already underway. Funding is being actively sought for both infrastructure and programs support.

How will the Institute be financially supported?

The Institute will operate through organizational and individual memberships, grants from sponsoring partners, and through foundation grants for specific initiatives. Additional long-term funding mechanisms are being developed.