California Simulation Alliance

The California Simulation Alliance (CSA) now has its own home! Go to 

The CSA is a statewide network whose goal is to be a voice for simulation in nursing and healthcare education. The CSA provides educational courses and is the umbrella organization to seven regional collaboratives within the state. Since 2008, the CSA has offered many benefits. We have now moved into our sustainability phase and invite you and your organization to become subscribers to receive these benefits:

In-state subscription fees are $75 for individuals and $350 for facilities. Out-of-state subscription fees are $350 for individuals and $1,000 for facilities. Click on the

There are  seven statewide regional collaboratives within the CSA:

  • Rural Northern Area Simulation Collaborative (RNASC):  Becky Damazo at 
  • Capital Area Simulation Collaborative (CASC):  Debra Brady at
  • Bay Area Simulation Collaborative (BASC):  Lina Gage-Kelly at   and Lisa Sabatini at
  • Central Valley Simulation Collaborative (CVSC): Marie Gilbert at  and Leslie Catron at 
  • Southern California Simulation Collaborative (SCSC):  Teresa Simbro at   and John Edwards at
  • Inland Empire Simulation Collaborative: Dayna Herrera at
  • San Diego Simulation Collaborative (SDSC):  Karen Macauley at   and Andrea-Jean Murphy at